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Hip Hip Hoppity Hooray for New Easter Packaging!

Spring tastes simply delicious at Asher’s Chocolate Co.! Words alone aren’t enough to capture the flavors of Asher’s classic Easter Treats. From sweetly filled Eggs to giant Chocolate Bunnies, Asher’s is an egg-pert on Spring favorites and Easter chocolate! In keeping with Asher’s mission to always deliver you the best quality chocolates, we have exciting news for this Easter Season! We’ve revamped a classic to introduce a brand-new line of colorfully designed Easter Packaging! It’s Asher’s traditional chocolate recipes now in a packaging that pops and hops with fun!

Asher’s fans will notice new bright pastel colors of lavender, sky blue, warm yellow, and soft green when shopping for the best Asher’s Chocolates to fill your Easter Baskets with. We love these bright colors as an addition to Asher’s Easter Line because they represent creativity and innovation. We want to guarantee Asher’s stands out to “everybunny” this Easter Season and these new packages do just that! Our Window Box Eggs, Easter Egg caddies, and Individually Wrapped Easter Eggs boast a design that the Easter Bunny himself can’t even get enough of! It’s a refreshed Spring Collection worth celebrating!

Which Egg is your favorite? For Chocolate crazed friends, we’d recommend 4oz. Chocolate Buttercream Eggs, Coconut Cream Eggs, and Vanilla Buttercream Eggs! The sweetness of decadent fillings is complimented perfectly by Asher’s smooth Chocolate coatings. Smaller Individually Wrapped Eggs are perfect for our pals who crave a sampling of many different flavors. Bite into a signature Vanilla Marshmallow Egg to enjoy pillows of soft whipped marshmallow. We even have Caramel and Marshmallow Eggs for the addition of sticky, golden Caramel atop clouds of white fluff! 

Spring means hopping to the candy store to create Easter Baskets that the Easter Bunny himself will envy. And with the addition of Asher’s beautiful new designs, your Easter Baskets will surely look picture perfect! No doubt, you will steal the spotlight from the Easter Bunny when you gift Asher’s Easter Chocolate!