Asher’s Top 10 Chocolate Covered Treats of 2013

As we look back on 2013 and all the great memories we created, it’s hard not to think about all the delicious candy that we made at Asher’s this year. This year we made well over 8.5 million pounds of chocolate, all while staying true to the same recipes we’ve been using for over 100 years! That must mean our recipes stand the test of time! Take a look at what our top ten chocolate covered treats were for 2013 and why our customers enjoy them so much.

1. Chocolate Covered Pretzels
Chocolate covered pretzels are simply delicious. They create a sweet and salty flavor combination that everyone loves and they are the perfect balance of chocolate and pretzel. Asher’s chocolate covered pretzels come in milk chocolate, dark chocolate and white chocolate. Order our Chocolate Covered Pretzel Assortment today, and you can try all three!

“The best tasting chocolate ever over a pretzel with just the right amount of salt for that rush of sweet-salty taste. Yum!” ~ Michelle C.

2. Chocolate Covered Sea Salt Caramels
We dare you to try and eat just one Milk Chocolate Covered Sea Salt Caramels or just one of our Dark Chocolate Covered Sea Salt Caramels. They are so delicious, even we have a hard time eating just one! We promise each one will bring you an exquisite taste experience, bringing you the next level of chocolate luxury.

“I’ve had dark chocolate and sea salt before and Asher’s has the combination down cold! They incorporate just the right amount of the sea salt to their robust dark chocolate that compliments both the flavors. They are a decadent evening treat!” ~ Dave R.

3. Chocolate Covered Graham Crackers
Our chocolate covered graham crackers are delicious in both dark and milk chocolate. Our Milk Chocolate Covered Graham Crackers and our Dark Chocolate Covered Graham crackers come in two different sizes; either a seven-ounce serving or our pantry pack, which holds eighteen, delicious, individually packaged chocolate covered graham crackers.

“In a word…fabulous. Best we have ever had.” ~ Linda D.

4. Chocolate Covered Potato Chips
What more can really be said than – chocolate covered potato chips? Crunchy potato chips go across our warehouse belts and get drizzled in delicious chocolate to create this tempting guilty pleasure. Our Chocolate Covered Potato Chips will melt in your mouth because they’re that delicious!

“These are my absolute favorite and we drive at least few times a year from Carlisle to visit the candy shop in Lewistown and stock up!! In fact, I’m sure we’ll be making trip soon because just seeing these delicious, AMAZING morsels makes my mouth water!!!” ~ Sam S.

5. Dark Chocolate Covered Almond Bark
Who doesn’t love the mixture of chocolate and nuts? These crunchy chocolate covered almonds are available in either milk or dark chocolate and are so delectable; they will definitely knock your socks off. Our Chocolate Covered Almond Bark comes in individual four-ounce servings, the perfect snack size.

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6. Dark Chocolate Covered Pretzel Rods
Pretty and delicious! Asher’s Chocolate Covered Pretzel Rod Assortment is dipped in creamy milk chocolate (are these dark or milk chocolate? The sub-title says dark) and doused with icing and sprinkles. This sweet and salty mixture is one you’ll keep going back for more. There are three chocolate covered pretzel rods to an order, the perfect size for an after dinner treat.

“Great” ~ Stephanie F

7. Peanut Butter Smoothie
Luscious and smooth milk chocolate hides a gooey peanut butter center to create these old-fashioned candy truffles. Our Peanut Butter Smoothies may not be one of our better-known products but they are certainly a customer favorite. Peanut Butter Smoothies come in either single serving (four-ounce) bags or in an eight-piece gift box. Try them today and we promise you won’t be disappointed.

“Deeelish” ~ Carol T.

8. Milk Chocolate Covered Boardwalk Crunch
What could be better than chocolate, buttered popcorn, marshmallows, nuts and salty pretzels? Not much, we say! Our Milk Chocolate Boardwalk Crunch is so tasty it will bring you back to the good ‘ol summertime memories and put a smile on your face. Try our boardwalk crunch in both milk and dark chocolate; our milk chocolate boardwalk crunch is available in two sizes!

“I purchased a 6 oz. bag while traveling [AND] liked the list of ingredients and thought it would be a tasty snack. I was so very wrong. It was just the right mix of sweet and salty, smooth and crunchy. It was supposed to last at least a few days but never made it past a couple of hours. I had to hide it from my daughter after letting her have a little taste. This is one amazing treat!” ~ S. Gantt

9. Almond Buttercrunch
This classic toffee confection combined with mouth-watering milk chocolate and toasted almonds coat the smoothest, buttery, caramelized sugar around. Our Almond Buttercrunch comes in a small four-ounce serving which is the perfect snack or treat to combine with our other chocolate covered treats to make the perfect gift. Try them today and we bet the whole bag will be gone before you know it.

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10. Nonpareils
These delicious decorative chocolates will bring you back to your childhood memories with just one bite. Each individual nonpareil will melt in your mouth; they are just that delicious. Our Nonpareils come in gift boxes, milk chocolate, dark chocolate and white chocolate.

“The best of the dark chocolate crafters, especially nonpareils. Now if I could only restrict my consumption.” ~ Kathy P.

Did your favorite Asher’s chocolate covered treat make the list? If not, let us know your favorites in the comment section below.