Beyond the Bunny: An Asher’s DIY Easter Basket!

peeps_web_We all know about the traditional chocolate bunny for Easter, but did you know that there is a whole world of goodness out there just waiting to find its way into your Easter basket? Step away from the bunny and try some of these delectable delights to celebrate Easter in a whole new way.

Jelly Belly Speckled Chocolate Malted Eggs
You can’t go wrong with Jelly Belly! Their tasty creations are a favorite addition to many an Easter basket. These egg shaped treats have a colorful, pastel candy shell but it’s what’s underneath that makes this candy special. Beneath the thin candy shell is a layer of sweet milk chocolate encasing a large malted center. It is the ultimate candy experience!


Sea Salt Caramels – Milk Chocolate Gift Box

This Asher’s staff favorite is sure to be yours too! Silky milk chocolate is wrapped around chewy vanilla caramels which is absolutely delectable but just when you think it can’t get any better, we add just a sprinkle of sea salt. You get the salty and the sweet; it’s the whole confectionary package! The 4.5-ounce box comes with eight caramels attractively arranged and ready for gift giving – or enjoying for yourself. Hey, you deserve it!


Dark Chocolate Covered Potato Chips

If dark chocolate is more your thing then this is the ultimate salty and sweet combo. Rippled, thick cut potato chips are dipped in rich, dark chocolate for an incredible melt in your mouth experience. The 8.5 ounce coffee bag looks great if you are giving it as a gift or dropping it into an Easter basket. Then again, you could always just keep them for your own little decadent secret snack stash. We won’t tell.


Milk Chocolate Dipped Peeps

Peeps are delicious on their own, but cover them in creamy milk chocolate and you have the perfect combo. These fluffy marshmallow chicks are pure deliciousness. Give them as gifts or drop them in baskets. Either way you will make someone’s day. Oh, and while you’re at it, grab some for yourself too. They’re too good for you to miss out on all the tasty fun.


Dark Chocolate & Peanut Butter Pretzel

This tasty treat will give the bunny a run for his money! Picture this: salty pretzels filled with creamy peanut butter then dipped in rich dark chocolate. They come one to a package so you may want to pick up a few and sprinkle them throughout that Easter basket you are stocking. You can also make your own pretty little Easter bag or place one in the arms of a teddy bear or bunny for a unique Easter surprise.


Vanilla Fudge

Sometimes you just need a break from chocolate – and there’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, this sweet, creamy vanilla fudge fills the bill to perfection. It comes in a generous 8 ounce tray and is attractively packaged, making it great for gift giving – or hiding for your own personal snacking stash.


Milk Chocolate S’mores

You don’t have to go camping to enjoy the crisp of graham crackers combined with creamy marshmallow and rich milk chocolate. Now you can enjoy this campfire favorite anywhere, and your little Easter bunny will love to find this in their basket! Drop one, two, or a few in there and watch their eyes shine.


Jelly Belly Sour Bunnies

Sometimes a burst of sweet and sour is just what the doctor ordered. These spring colored, bunny shaped sour candies come in 6 fruit flavors including orange, cherry, raspberry, apple, lemonade, and grape. They a fruity front, a marshmallow back, and are covered in a tanginess that will set your taste buds on end. What a great Easter basket surprise!

Dark Chocolate Covered Graham Crackers Caddy
Speaking of chocolate and graham crackers, these dark chocolate goodies are sure to please. You get 18 crackers, individually wrapped so that you can drop some in that special Easter basket and even keep a few for yourself. They are great for a light and less sweet chocolate fix or as a delicious treat.

Which Asher’s product is your favorite Easter basket addition? Let us know in the comments below!