Celebrate Early this Year with Hanukkah Chocolate!

Most of the holidays celebrated in western culture are observed on the same calendar date every year. Halloween is always on October 31; Christmas is always on December 25, and the Fourth of July — well, that one explains itself.

However, we celebrate other holidays on dates that fluctuate every year. For example, we hold Thanksgiving on the fourth Thursday in November. Hanukkah can be even tougher to remember. Its dates of observance are based off a lunar calendar, unlike other holidays.

That can be a challenge for any observers of Hanukkah who need to make preparations ahead of time by buying gifts, decorations, food and other items used to celebrate this popular Jewish holiday. Time is particularly of the essence in 2013 because Hanukkah comes much earlier than in other years. Whereas the eight-day holiday usually falls in December, this year it begins in November.

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