Celebrate World Chocolate Day!

In case you need any excuse to indulge a little extra today, June 7thmarks World Chocolate Day!  Today is celebrated around the world to embrace all things deliciously chocolate. Asher’s Chocolate Co. has all you need to kick start your chocolate festivities!

Brush Up on Your Chocolate Knowledge

World Chocolate Day was established in 1995 as a French initiative to honor British writer Roald Dahl. His name might not ring a bell but his famous work, “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” is definitely recognizable.

Of course, the celebration spread beyond France, throughout Europe, North America and continues to grow in popularity as new chocolate sensations are discovered.

Don’t Feel Guilty about Celebrating

It’s no mystery as to why you feel better after treating yourself to tasty candy. Eating chocolate produces a reaction in your brain that actually does make you happy. This “happiness hormone” is called dopamine, and it is responsible for that over the top, out of this world, smile forever feeling you get after eating chocolate. We feel this way all the time at Asher’s, and we want you to enjoy it too! Go ahead a indulge on World Chocolate Day, you deserve it!

In case you are concerned with how much you can celebrate, try Asher’s line of Sugar Free Confections, one of the country’s largest lines of sugar free chocolate covered confections. Pick from a variety of bars, patties or an assortment if you can’t pick just one! We also have gluten free and kosher options so you don’t miss out on any fun this World Chocolate Day!

Be Adventurous with Your Chocolate Choices

Embrace World Chocolate Day by breaking out of your comfort zone. We know you can’t resist our famous chocolate smothered pretzels and we don’t blame you! But have you tried the equally scrumptious chewy caramels and sweet cherry cordials? Sea Salt Caramels, available in milk or dark chocolate, pack a sweet and salty bite. Cherry Cordials taste like biting into a real cherry. You will thank us later for introducing you to a new favorite.

At Asher’s, we want to keep the chocolate festivities going, so make sure to check out existing favorites along with new items! While you party prep, order online to ship a chocolate delivery directly to your door. Now you are ready to celebrate this World Chocolate Day!