Chocolate: The Perfect Gift For Mother’s Day

Chocolate has always been a decadent and indulgent treat. We view eating chocolate as a reward for a job well done or as a pick-me-up when feeling down. The sweet taste and indulgent reputation makes a gourmet gift basket filled with chocolate the perfect Mother’s Day gift. Asher’s is in the business of combining the finest quality chocolate with elegant wrapping piled high in a gift basket. Our gifts are perfect show the woman in your life just how much she is appreciated.

A Little History

Asher’s has been in the business of creating the finest quality chocolates since 1892. We have a variety of treats and gift baskets that are sure to please every mom. Cater to mom’s specific taste by giving her The Graham Box with Pink Bow, which has graham crackers that are smothered in both milk and white chocolates. Perhaps mom would appreciate the Pretty in Pink Gift Basket that contains a variety of treats like sea-salt caramels, milk chocolate smothered pretzels and dark chocolate grahams.

Why Moms Love Chocolate So Much

So why is it that out of all the confections available to choose from, chocolate is the most loved? Taste is number one of course. Whether it’s a milk chocolate bar or chocolate fudge, the combination of creamy and sweet is euphoria. As it turns out, it isn’t just the excellent taste that has us craving, but a variety of chemicals. Chemicals like theobromine, caffeine, and phenylethylamine act as stimulants, give an energy boost, and help to increase concentration. Therefore, you not only do get great taste, but you get a boost of energy.

Go Ahead, Indulge

Chocolate is hands down one of the most sought after treats, and now there is evidence that it has health benefits like preventing heart disease, so go ahead and indulge! Show mom how great she is and how much she is appreciated by giving her a gourmet gift basket filled with chocolate bars, chocolate covered pretzels and graham crackers, chocolate fudge, or her favorite dark and milk chocolates. Choose from a variety of baskets and beautifully wrapped boxes available from Asher’s, and have them hand delivered to that special woman in your life.