Chocolate Personality Test: Which Would You Be?

black and white photo of woman tasting chocolate seductively

Your Favorite Chocolate Speaks Volumes

The chocolate you love–and the way you eat it–speaks volumes about the type of person you are. We’ve devised this chocolate personality test to identify the different personalities that correspond with each favorite type of chocolate. If your favorite chocolate is:

Milk Chocolate

You’re a traditional, ritualistic person. Your home is decorated in classic, timeless styles. You disapprove of trends and fads. Additionally, it’s important to you that things go just the way they’re supposed to. You believe very strongly that milk and chocolate are, and always will be, a perfect pair, meant to be together. At Halloween, you pick the milk chocolate bars out of the candy jar and leave everything else. For you, there is no other acceptable candy.

Dark Chocolate

You’re a little mysterious, even to the people who know you best. You love reading books and improving yourself. You think deeply, feel deeply, and keep your thoughts to yourself. Furthermore, the things you value include: privacy, classic literature, antique paintings, and the subtle, buttery pureness of dark chocolate. At the end of a good meal, you usually skip the elaborate desserts. As you open your book at the table and sit back to read, you nibble dark chocolate and sip red wine.

Mint Chocolate

Most people would describe you as pragmatic. You’re very organized, and you keep your house very clean. Moreover, people tease you because your car is immaculate and always in good repair. What people don’t know–or maybe, what they don’t understand–is that you have a silly side. You may keep it yourself, but you’re drawn to screwball comedies, fanciful colors and impromptu road trips. You’re just like the mint chocolate candies you love: neat and tidy on the outside, with a surprise inside.

Chocolate With Caramel

You like to comfort and be comforted. Family means everything to you. So do pancakes. And cozy hours spent indoors on a cold winter night. Friends turn to you for hugs. You love sweaters, genealogy, soft yarn, and the full, content feeling in your stomach after a good meal. That’s what you love about the chocolate with caramel combination: the way it fills you up, satisfies your stomach. It makes you feel safe.

Chocolate With Nuts

Friends and family would best describe you as “wacky,” and for good reason. Your sense of humor is honed to perfection. You crack jokes more often than you say serious things, and you’re always laughing. Children love you, because you’re playful and enthusiastic. You carry chocolate covered nuts with you at all times. It is your antidote to a serious and sometimes unfriendly world. It keeps you young and quirky.

Chocolate With Marshmallows

You’re the one everybody goes to for help. You mediate arguments, solve problems, help friends clean their closets, pick people up and drop them off. You make others happy just by walking into a room. Even more, friends just can’t get over how cheerful and kind you are. You really don’t take enough time for yourself–you’re always doing something for a friend–but occasionally, you do take time out for your favorite treat: chocolate covered marshmallows. You love the soft, sweet marshmallow inside. It reminds you of something.

Chocolate Covered Potato Chips

You’re just different, and no one has ever been able to pin you down, label you, or completely understand you. Not afraid to try new things, or go new places, you’re always having adventures. Additionally, you enjoy a balance of extremes. You sleep hard, wake easily, spend equal time indoors and out, relocate frequently, participate in extreme sports and play musical instruments. Chocolate covered potato chips appeal to you, because they have everything to offer. Saltiness here, sweetness there, melty creaminess outside and crunchy goodness inside. And when it’s done, you even enjoy licking the chocolate off your fingertips!