Chocolate Treats For Kids Only

Everybody loves chocolate and candy treats and this Christmas, chocolate will undoubtedly be part of your celebration. Chocolate covered treats also make an easy gift to give to family and friends! Don’t just stock up on adult-only treats, though. Discover chocolate covered treats created with kids in mind. Get ready to share these special kid-only treats with all the children on your gift list this holiday.

Select Simple Candy Treats

Adult palates appreciate rich, dark chocolate flavors and the exotic tastes of fruit and chocolate creations, but your kids may not appreciate these complex tastes. Satisfy your child’s cravings when you give simple chocolate treats to your children, nephews and nieces, students and neighbors.

For the kids on your gift list who adore the taste of a summer S’more, give them the ooey, gooey caramel graham crackers with a marshmallow between them and covered with creamy milk chocolate. S’mores offer a mess-free way for kids to enjoy a summer classic in the middle of winter.

Caramel Marshmallow Puffs and Milk Chocolate Caramel Squares taste delicious in the wintertime too. The puffs are individually wrapped marshmallows surrounded by smooth caramel while the squares combine sweet caramel with creamy milk chocolate. Both bite-sized treats provide the perfect refreshment as they satisfy every child’s sweet tooth and are easy for little hands to grab and eat.

If your child likes peanut butter, fill a box with light and fluffy Peanut Butter Smoothie chocolates. They’re great when eaten straight out of the wrapper or pressed into the center of a freshly baked peanut butter cookie. Equally important, is they’re easy treats for kids to enjoy during snack time, lunch time or after-dinner dessert.

Give Festive Novelty Candies

This year, give kids novelty candies that are festive and mouth-watering. Every child will love to savor a festive sweet treat like a Milk Chocolate Santa PopWhite Chocolate Snowman Pop or Chocolate-Dipped Crispy Pop with Christmas Sprinkles. In addition to looking cute, these candy gifts taste delicious and are easy to eat since they come on a stick. Share one or more of these individually wrapped treats with all the kids on your gift list.

Jelly Belly Sour Gummi Santas also provide a festive candy treat kids love to receive and eat. Joined by Jelly Belly Reindeer Corn and Milk Chocolate Nonpareils, these candies are easy to tuck into a stocking or give as part of a holiday gift bag. Kids may even want to serve them as a unique and sweet alternative to cookies during Santa’s Christmas Eve visit.

Don’t forget to toss a bag of Milk Chocolate Covered Potato Chips into your child’s stocking. These chocolate covered treats combine potato chips and chocolate, two favorite snacks that most kids love. Each chip is double-dipped in chocolate to ensure every ridge and valley includes a bite of sweet and salty goodness kids will love eating. These novelty candy treats keep kids satisfied as they savor every bite.

Christmas, chocolate and children naturally go together. From smooth caramel to yummy chips, select chocolate treats are designed just for kids. Whether you fill stockings with novelty candies or bake candy into festive treats, take time to order your child’s favorite chocolate covered treats from Asher’s Chocolate today.