Corporate Gifting: Do’s and Don’ts

Corporate gifting is a time-honored tradition and a gracious way to acknowledge shareholders, clients, and employees. However, you must take care in ensuring gifts represent the company’s values and portrays it in a positive light. corporate gift


Many people feel pressured when selecting corporate gifts because they are afraid that they will make bad choices. While it’s true that choosing good corporate gifts is more complex than buying something special for a loved family member or a good friend, guidelines exist that simplify the process of corporate gifting. Here are several dos and don’ts that will make navigating the maze of corporate gifting easier for anyone:


Always Keep it G-Rated

Unless the business is specific to the adult entertainment industry, keep corporate gifting choices G-rated. Even if you think something risqué might be well-received, err on the side of caution and choose another option.


Always Select Quality Items

Although you need to keep value in mind, don’t choose a corporate gift simply because it’s inexpensive. The items that you select to represent your company through corporate gifting should always be of good quality. For instance, if you have decided to include finely crafted chocolate in corporate gift baskets, choose the best possible chocolate products by looking for a chocolate company that has a well-established name in the confectionery industry. The creation of fine chocolate is an art that is frequently passed down through generations of talented culinary crafters, making companies such as Asher’s Chocolates excellent choices when choosing gifts of any type.


Keep Corporate Gifts Personal — But Not Too Personal

Most people will appreciate corporate gifts more if they are something that they can use when they’re off the clock. Lifestyle luxury items such a gourmet food baskets are things that everyone can enjoy. Gift basket combinations of specialty cheese, chocolates, compotes, fine wines, and other luxury products are a classy way to thank recipients for their support.


Budget for Your Corporate Gifts

Because gift giving is a traditional part of doing business in most corporate communities, create a line item for your gifts so that you can declare expenditures on your taxes.

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