Diabetics Guide to Sugar Free Chocolate

People who are diagnosed with diabetes frequently fear that they’ll have to completely give up their favorite desserts. While they’ll have to follow a nutritional plan, there is room in most diabetic diets for the occasional splurge. Even better, there are companies that produce sugar free chocolate that is every bit as scrumptious as its white-sugar filled counterpart.

Asher’s Chocolates has been in business for four generations. As a result, they have perfected the art of crafting fine chocolate using a variety of recipes and techniques.

Here’s what to look for to ensure that you’re getting the best possible sugar free chocolate:


High-Quality Sweeteners

Modern methods of crafting fine chocolates generally involve the use of a substance called maltitol. It’s particularly beneficial for diabetics because the human digestive system absorbs it slowly. Therefore, it minimizes the chances of significant blood sugar spikes. Perhaps the best bonus of all is that malitol contains about one-half the calories of standard white sugar. Malitol also doesn’t cause dental cavities the way that other sweetening agents do.

There should be little, if any, difference in taste between high quality sugar free chocolate and its traditional counterparts. If you sample sugar free chocolate that has a noticeable “off taste,” you’ve probably encountered low quality product. You can guarantee superior taste experience by sticking with reputable companies such as ours!


Cocoa Butter and Cocoa Powder

Proper sweetness isn’t the only factor involved in selecting a sugarless chocolate. Connoisseurs of fine chocolates also appreciate a certain creamy texture, and this is where cocoa butter comes in. Dark chocolate lovers should look for cocoa powder on the ingredients list of product they are contemplating purchasing.



There are many fine chocolate products available in today’s market that are sugar free. Here are just three recommendations:

• Sugar Free Dark Chocolate Bars — Asher’s Sugar Free Dark Chocolate Bars are low in sodium and contain no trans fats. You can enjoy them as is or used in diabetic-friendly baking projects.
• Sugar Free Mint Patties — Chocolate mint patties are a classic after dinner treat that are available in a sugar free version from Asher’s.
• Sugar Free Milk Chocolate Bars — Those who prefer a lighter chocolate can select Asher’s Sugar Free Milk Chocolate Bars. Like the dark chocolate option, you can savor them straight from their wrappers or use them to create sugar free chocolate desserts.

Diabetics aren’t the only ones who can benefit from consuming sugarless chocolate products. They are also excellent options for those who are watching their weight or otherwise looking for a good way to cut down on consumption of excess sugar.