DIY Chocolate Covered Wedding Favors

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Wedding favors are a small thank you to your guests for attending in support of your marriage. They’re intended to be small tokens to take home after your wedding. Many couples personalize with their names and wedding date. Usually the chosen don’t hold much meaning for the guests and get thrown out the next morning. Engraved shot glasses or coasters aren’t items that many people care to display in their home. With our ever-growing desire for clutter-minimalism, these are losing their allure.

Yet, traditions die hard and your partner or your parents may insist. After spending money on the wedding itself, what can you afford to give that will be appreciated? Edible gifts that won’t linger or take up room in the junk drawer may be your answer. At least they won’t inspire that guest guilt that many experience when they trash those trinkets.

Create attractive DIY wedding favors with chocolates, to save you money and delight guests with your creativity. Gather your wedding party and check out these instructions to make your own chocolate covered DIY wedding favors.

Choosing Your Chocolates

sea salt chocolate caramels

First, you will need to pick out an assortment of chocolates. These should be locally made chocolates or just remarkably delicious! After the champagne kicks in, but before the wedding shuttle arrives, guests will appreciate something sweet to touch off the evening. Asher’s has tons of chocolates to satisfy your favorite sweet-tooth or your salty-snack family members. Settle on your favorite line of chocolates first and choose three or four different types.

Mix and Match Chocolate Favors

Play with the uniformity of chocolates in each favor so they’re not all uniform with some diversity between each. For example, if you were to go with Asher’s chocolates, as your DIY wedding favors, mix the chocolate nonpareils, chocolate almond bark and sea salt caramels. Decide how many treats are put into each favor, but don’t put the same number of each treat in each box.

Attention-Grabbing Wedding Favor Boxes

Create your own handmade favor boxes out of vivid cardstock and glue sticks, which you can place an assortment of chocolates inside. Cut each part of a piece of colored cardboard to equal lengths and then glue the edges together to create a box or a shape of your choice. We really love these colorful geometric favor boxes from Ruffled Blog.

colorful favor boxes
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Then, practice your best penmanship by handwriting the names of each guest, or guest couple, onto cards to slip into each box. These favors make beautiful coordinating décor scattered across your dinner tables or can all be grouped together for guests by the door to grab on their way out of the reception. It all depends on the layout of your wedding. However, the fact that these favors were made by hand will make your guests feel extra special, especially when they get a taste of the sweet chocolates inside!

Sugar Free Options

Some guests won’t want to eat sugar, but don’t change your plan just yet! Fill your creative containers with exceptional sugar free chocolates instead. Asher’s makes gourmet sugar free chocolate options, which taste just like the original! Set these aside in a small group for those guests who you know can’t (or won’t) eat sugar. In addition, set aside a few more for those who may just prefer the sugar free chocolate experience.

Overall, with an endless variety of delicious chocolates and a touch of creativity, DIY chocolate covered wedding favors for guests will be enjoyed, complement your décor, and won’t break the bank!