Employee Highlight: Meet Leigh Campbell

Let’s get ready to introduce our next Employee Highlight, Leigh Campbell! Leigh started at Asher’s in October 2013 as the Quality Manager. She continues to do a fantastic job and still holds this title today. As Quality Manager, Leigh has the important responsibly of overseeing the superior quality of our confections at both Souderton and Lewistown Facilities. Leigh recognizes the value of our loyal customers. Therefore, she makes sure that each customer receives the highest quality products possible.

Leigh’s Day-to-Day 

Leigh’s day-to-day tasks keep her busy in the factory. This involves making sure all our incoming ingredients are correct, the equipment being used to make the candy is clean and sanitized and all the products are labeled correctly. An eye for detail and commitment to excellence fuel Leigh’s leadership! Leigh guarantees that Asher’s follows government standards as well as making sure we have an accurate Food Safety Plan to minimize all potential hazards that can occur from manufacturing. Top notch Chocolate is at the top of Leigh’s list of priorities!

She is responsible for everything that happens from Farm to Fork. This responsibility takes a lot of preparation and work that is often missed when eating our scrumptious Chocolates! Taking on many roles, Leigh is also in charge of Research & Development and works closely with Tom Carroll to develop great tasting confections. Her latest and greatest accomplishment being theCinnamon Bun flavored Mini Cup! She created this delicious piece that tastes just like an actual sweet Cinnamon bun with creamy icing! YUM!

“At Asher’s we take pride in our Candies. Leigh is in integral part of this process. We couldn’t perform to our highest potential without Leigh’s hard work, determination, and passion,” said Jeff Asher when asked about Leigh’s commitment to Asher’s.

More About Leigh

Her favorite tasks of this job are finding solutions to problems and eating chocolate every day. Her go-to piece for a sweet treat is the Milk Chocolate Nougat. When November employee highlight, Leigh, isn’t working hard to bring you amazing confections, she enjoys going to concerts and listening to music. Additionally, she embraces nature by going on hikes and enjoys a good nap to refresh and renew!

Keep up the great work, Leigh!