Employee Highlight – Meet Odys Demetrius!

            At Asher’s Chocolate Co., we are LUCKY to have the best employees ever! This month, we’d like to dedicate the blog to employee highlight Odys Demetrius! She sham’rocks every day, so we’re excited to highlight her and all the great work she does!

Starting at Asher’s

            Odys is proud to say that she started at Asher’s on November 23rd, 1998.  She began her journey with Asher’s as a Packer, was promoted to Packing Lead and now is the Demand Planning Coordinator. That’s 22 years of amazing loyalty and dedication!

Odys Role at Asher’s

            As the Demand Planning Coordinator, Odys is responsible for many important tasks. She handles everything job related – creation, printing, modifying, issuing liquid chocolate and centers to finished good jobs, along with reviewing and closing jobs.  Another necessary task employee highlight Odys accomplishes every day is generating MPS (Master Production Scheduling) and MRP (Materials Requirements Planning), downloading the data for both, and sorting it into user friendly spreadsheets for planning and purchasing. It takes a skilled brain to keep all this information organized, and naturally Odys keeps everything running smoothly!

 A Day in the Life

            Odys hits the ground running, setting up the day for success. This includes communicating to her teammates all the production data from the reports she runs. Typically, there are more than 9,000 lines of data to sort for MPS alone so Odys uses her expert knowledge to make sense of this crazy amount of material! No doubt, all of Odys’ teammates in various departments rely on her detail orientated work ethic to share this critical information.

            Next on Odys busy morning routine is preparing ATP (Attainment to Plan) reports. Attainment to Plan means “did we produce what we planned to produce.”  Odys diligently prepares this report each morning for the previous day’s Souderton production. Thanks to employee highlight Odys, Asher’s production can produce confections as efficiently as possible.

            At a 11am Odys joins the daily production meeting to share the production jobs and schedules she’s prepared. Odys enjoys going out on the production floor to collect jobs from the day before and always shares a laugh with her friends in production! Because she is such an amazing team player, if Odys ever has a free moment, she heads into the production area to help in anyway possible.

Just for Fun

In her free time, if Odys isn’t binge watching her favorite shows on Netflix, she likes to go for walks with her doggies Pepe & Zeus. Look at how adorable these pups are!

In the Summer, Odys and her husband like water skiing at the lake, going to the beach and hitting some Rock /freestyle concerts. Odys’ 3 children are all grownup now, a son 29, and 2 daughters 23 & 21.

Thanks for sharing all you do for Asher’s, Odys! We are lucky to have you as a member of our team and congratulate you on all your hard work! Keep it up!