Chocolate Graduation Treats from Asher’s

Graduation is a celebration that fills any student with well-earned pride. The days and weeks leading up to graduation can be extra stressful! Cramming for finals and frantically finishing papers at the end of a term often means a lot of convenience food. Before you kick off the diploma walk with a generic gift basket of clothes or bath products, why not go for the “A” and snag a chocolate gift basket instead? Even something as simple as Asher’s Milk and Dark Chocolate Assortment can be a sensational treat for a tired but happy graduate that’s been living on ramen noodles and five hours of sleep.

A Tasty Triumph

When you give premium chocolates to your graduate, they’ll smile and think of you each time they sneak a bite. No one like wilting flowers, easily misplaced gift cards, or slowly deflating helium balloons. With chocolate, your gift will remain a delight from the moment it’s opened until the last bit is savored. Even if you plan on presenting your graduate with other gifts, chocolate makes an ideal add-on to meaningful books, clothing, and even trips.

Snack Food, Elevated

Your graduate may be apprehensive about exploring their next steps in life. However, you can set their mind at ease with a gourmet twist on favorite junk foods. The same treats they snacked on during study sessions come coated in premium chocolate from Asher’s. Your thoughtful gift lets them try unique treats like Dark Chocolate Smothered Graham Crackers and pretzels and the unexpected sweet-salty taste of Milk Chocolate Smothered Potato Chips.

Over the Top Fun

The only thing better than a chocolate gift basket is a gift box tower, overflowing with tempting treats. Asher’s large gift box tower is packed to the brim with everything a sweet tooth could want: Assorted Chocolates, Cordial Cherries, Chocolate Covered Pretzels and even decadent Caramel Patties. As your graduate unwraps each layer of this towering collection, their face will light up with joy. For added personalization, try tucking cards with life advice and uplifting quotes between each layer!

No matter which chocolaty treat from Asher’s catches your eye, it’s sure to graduate with tasty honors, even days after your graduate has set aside their cap and gown.