The History of Turkish Paste

At Asher’s Chocolate Co., it’s no surprise that chocolates are our specialty. However, in these warm summer months, we want to make sure you have treats that can withstand the heat! That’s why we’d like to introduce you to our Turkish Paste! It’s a treat made for the summer, but not many fans know a lot about it! That’s why we are dedicating this blog to all things Turkish Paste!

To start, Turkish Paste is often characterized as a nostalgic treat, resembling the dog days of summer’s past. Since we value traditions at Asher’s, will still make this old-fashioned treat for our beloved friends. Turkish Paste, also known as Turkish Delight, has its roots in the middle Eastern country of Turkey. In Turkish, the sweet is known by the name Lokum. It is an ancient sweet dish known around the world as it dates to hundreds of years ago. Rumor has it that a Sultan prince asked his chef to create a special dessert to impress his ladies. With that, Turkish Delight was born! Ancient Turkish Delights were made using a variety of nuts, rose waters, and mint flavors to appeal to royal crowds! Today, Asher’s crafts refreshing fruity flavors of lemon, orange and raspberry Turkish Pastes.

Our Turkish Paste is a chewy jelly center cooked for several hours, at which point fruity flavors are added for a sweet taste. The mixture is then poured into large trays to be set and about five hours later is finished by rolling in starch. Overall, if you are curious to try this famous confection, stop by one of Asher’s Retail Stores to ask for a sample! Stay cool and pick your favorite flavor of Asher’s Turkish Paste!