Make Your Own Easter Basket with Asher’s

Spoil your friends and family with Asher’s chocolate this Easter on March 31st. Our Easter chocolate selection will have something for everyone, but if you traditionally give out Easter baskets then use the best and make your baskets out of Asher’s chocolates this year.

Here are our top suggestions for the very best Easter basket.

Chocolate Bars

Our Milk Chocolate Bar is all dressed up for Easter and is perfect for any chocoholic. This chocolate bar is simply delicious and comes in our homemade milk chocolate as well as Asher’s homemade dark chocolate bar. If our eight ounce version seems a bit intimidating you can always try our 3.5 oz. size but we definitely suggest putting at least one of these in every Easter basket you make.

Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Eggs

Asher’s Milk Chocolate filled Peanut Butter Egg comes in two sizes – six oz. or 3.25 oz. (regular or Sugar Free) and is simply delicious. The larger egg is definitely large enough to share but we promise you won’t want to! And don’t forget about or Sugar Free version too! It definitely does not sacrifice flavor and is perfect for any Easter Basket!

Not a fan of peanut butter? This product comes in a variety of flavors: chocolate butter cream, chocolate nut fudge, vanilla butter cream and more!

Milk Chocolate Solid Bunny

Our Milk Chocolate Bunny might be small in size but it is huge in flavor! This solid chocolate bunny is one ounce of our house made milk chocolate molded into an adorable bunny that is perfect for everyone’s Easter Basket.

These solid bunnies are also perfect for Easter egg hunts – step away from the traditional egg and hide these for your kids to find.

Solid Chocolate Eggs

Of course, no basket would ever be complete without some of these classic solid chocolate eggs. A six-ounce bag of Jelly Belly’s Foiled Wrapped Solid Chocolate Eggs is big enough to either split between baskets or make someone extra happy and let them indulge in the entire package!

Don’t have time to run around to put together an Easter basket for each of your guests? Why not try one of our Traditional Easter Baskets, which come in a variety of sizes – small, medium and large. Each basket comes with a mixture of dark chocolate and milk chocolate and a variety of our favorite Easter chocolates.

None of these fit what you’re looking for? Visit our entire collection of Easter Chocolate’s today!