How to Pair Wine and Chocolate

Pairing wine and chocolate may seem daunting at first, but it’s fairly easy once you know a few basics. One thing to consider is that wine best complements chocolate when it’s just a degree of the chocolate. Also, as with other food pairings, light flavors should be paired with lightly flavored wine. For instance, you’d probably want to serve a delicate white chocolate with a soft white zinfandel. Another thing to consider, however, is what other flavor components are involved in a particular piece of chocolate. Chocolate confections that include nuts, fruits, or cream may require a slightly different pairing than their plain counterparts. Following are several chocolate and wine pairing suggestions that work well with any palate.

White Chocolate

As mentioned, the delicate flavor of white chocolate pairs well with a sweet white zinfadel. If you’re planning to enjoy a white chocolate treat such as Asher’s White Chocolate Pretzels, you can easily add a festive touch by pouring a glass of sparkling rose. When white chocolate after dinner, pairing it with a white wine will create a fabulous finale to your meal.


Milk Chocolate

An Asher’s Milk Chocolate Bar makes an excellent before or after dinner treat when paired with a medium-bodied pinot noir or Beaujolais. When savoring fruit-filled chocolates, matching the fruit to the medium notes of the wine will yield the best flavor results. For instance, if you were enjoying a box of Asher’s Milk Chocolate Cordial Cherries, an excellent wine choice would be a tawny port because it would bring out the cherry notes without overwhelming the flavors of the milk chocolate. Many pinot noirs bottled in the Pacific Northwest have dominant berry notes, making them prime choices for chocolates with raspberry filling.


Dark Chocolate

Just like you’d pair rich, red meat entree such as filet mignon or New York steak with a strong red wine, uncorking a bottle of big-bodies cabernet, Shiraz, or red zinfandel is the best way to enjoy a decadent delight crafted with Asher’s dark chocolate. For instance, a glass of well-aged cabernet and a plate of Asher’s Dark Chocolate pretzels would work well together.



The blend of sweet and salty flavors is what makes Asher’s Sea Salt Caramels so popular, and these delicious morsels are even better when served with the right kind of wine. Long a favorite for serving with freshly caught crab because it contains hints of the sea; white muscat is a natural for pairing with any of Asher’s caramel products that were crafted with sea salt. For Asher’s Vanilla Caramels, a sweet, smooth Riesling will complement the vanilla taste and texture.

Don’t be afraid to experiment — exploration and discovery are part of the fun of enjoying fine chocolate and wine. Visit Asher’s online to order some delicious chocolates to pair with your favorite wine!