Skip’s Candy Corner: A 3 Generation Operation

Skip's Candy Corner

This month’s featured customer is Skip’s Candy Corner located in Peddler’s Village, PA. One of Mike Dennis’ accounts, Skip’s has been in business for over 20 years. They started with Asher’s Chocolates when they originally opened and now continue to carry our product at their second location as well. Like Asher’s, Skip’s is a family shop that has grown to now include three generations, 18 employees. They have even established a dedicated “Nut Free” facility. They also make their own Irish Potatoes and Fudge year-round. Popular seasonal items include Candy Red and Double Dipped Gourmet Apples.

They continue to offer Asher’s Chocolates because they appreciate our quality, value and they appreciate our proximity when it comes to shipping. They have a lot of popular items, but their top Asher seller is definitely the chocolate smothered pretzels. When asked about their experience with Asher’s, they replied, “Over the 20 years, our close relationship with Jack Asher and all other Asher members have grown. We have toured facilities in Lewistown and Souderton. Jack has helped and made special items for us. At one time, close to a festival, he made a delivery himself so we wouldn’t be out of certain products. Michael Dennis has always been good on following up on issues. In addition he has been diligent in relaying important information to us regarding changes to the Asher line.”

We also asked them to tell us an interesting story about their shop. They answered, “Peddler’s Village is divided into four areas. Initially, we were in section one which is not a main area. This is where we started and had Asher’s Candies. Along the way, an opportunity arose for us to open a second store, Skip’s Sugar Shack, in the Main Area. This was a small store with all packaged good—not the case candy with Asher’s as in our other store. This shop did not do as well as the store with Asher’s case candy. The Sugar Shack closed, and eventually Skip’s Candy Corner moved to our present location. This is a larger store with two floors for retail. Our second floor has nostalgic candy and street candy. We hear children saying, ‘This is candy heaven.’ The work is fun and makes everyone happy.”

Thank you to all the folks at Skip’s and we look forward to the next 20 years together!