Sugar Free Chocolate: Healthy Change, Same Great Flavor

dark_chocolate_barsSFSugar has long been considered a sort of substitute for real flavor. When we feel like something doesn’t taste interesting, sugar tends to be the first thing we add in order to make a difference.

Look at how popular sugary soft drinks are in the world in comparison to healthy, body conscious, options like green tea. When we go to our snack cabinet there is the likelihood that we are going to reach for something sugar filled. The sweet cloying taste makes us feel good, but does it have to be that way? Does sugar free always mean ‘bad flavor’? For chocolate, that simply isn’t the case. In fact sugar free chocolate can offer a host of benefits while giving you the same great flavor.


Sugar free chocolate is the perfect diet-approved snack.

One of the most common ways that people fail their diets is due to how often they ‘cheat’. A bag of chips turns into two bag of chips or a candy bar turns into a couple of candy bars. We are never content with just a little bit of something bad for us. Unsweetened chocolate could be the solution to this common problem for many dieters. Unsweetened chocolate, by the ounce, gives you around 140 calories. Half of your carbs from that piece of chocolate will be fiber while the whole treat is filled with important vitamins and minerals. The fat in unsweetened chocolate, like Asher’s sugar free dark chocolate bars, is actually healthy as well!


Unsweetened chocolate can curb cravings.

To expound upon the usefulness of unsweetened chocolate in nutrition we can look at the way it curbs our own cravings for sweet things. Many people have a ‘sweet tooth’ and will get to the point that their body will physically yearn for something tasty to satiate it. Sugar free chocolaty snacks are the perfect way to combat the craving without sacrificing your own health. Keep a collection of small snacks on hand for when the craving gets bad and you’ll never find yourself making a run to the grocery store for junky candy.


Sugar free chocolate will give you glowing skin.

When we are young we hear so many rumors about what causes acne. For a long time chocolate was put on blast for being a leading contributor to those nightmarish blemishes. Research has found that it is actually the sugar and milk in chocolate that causes acne, meaning that sugar free chocolate will have no ill effect on your skin. In fact unsweetened chocolate will actually make your skin look even better! Chocolate is a powerful antioxidant that helps keep your skin smooth, clean, and moisturized.

It’s pretty clear to see that we no longer have to sacrifice flavor for health. With delicious sugar free chocolates available from Asher’s, enjoy our snacks without feeling guilty afterward. So the next time you decide to pick up some chocolate for the house, make it sugar free!