Top 6 Chocolate Corporate Gifts For Your Clients

festive group of young employees smiling and holding corporate gifts

Giving chocolate corporate gifts should be a major part of your holiday networking and marketing strategy. In fact, selecting the right gift to send to clients is a key component in maintaining established relationships.

Why give corporate gifts?

Corporate gifts leave a lasting impression while reinforcing your brand. When determining which items would best represent the company, think: style, professionalism and gifts that are appropriate for any time of year. Understanding the preferences and culture of each of your clients’ organizations is essential.

Chocolate gifts for your corporate clients

Firstly, one of the main elements that should drive the selection of your corporate gifts is the message you are attempting to convey. It’s important to give gifts that you would be happy to receive as well. Chocolate confections make exceptional gifts precisely for their decadence. While chocolate is available at any time of year, gourmet chocolates are not often purchased for oneself. Here are a few chocolaty gift ideas that are timeless and will “wow” every time:


Truffles are a classic way to express your appreciation. With variations of chocolate mousse, salted caramels, and rich espresso truffles, determining whether you need to send a small or large box will be your only dilemma; the overall effect will be the same.

Personalized Chocolate Bars

Chocolate bars can be created with images or text on them in white, milk or dark chocolate. Personalized chocolate bars add a quirky touch, giving your clients an individual slice of chocolate heaven for each person on their team. One thing is for certain, they won’t receive anything else like it from others!

Chocolate Covered Pretzels

A carefully gift-wrapped package of assorted chocolate pretzels in milk, dark and white chocolate can bring employees together when they are shared communally throughout the office. Chocolate covered pretzels are a sweet and crunchy delight while making an amiable statement with an appreciative tone.

Chocolate Towers or Gift Baskets

Sending a variety of chocolate favorites is marketing at its finest. When a towering assortment of chocolate covered pretzels, graham crackers, potato chips, almond buttercrunch and nonpareils is brought into a room, there will be something to accommodate everyone’s sweet tooth, and the presentation cannot be beaten! Pick out the tallest tower of chocolate or a chocolate basket that will get a “WOW!” from your friends and family.


Velvety smooth fudge always makes a lasting impression – creamy decadence with deep flavor to enhance pleasure and build lasting relationships. It’s a satisfying way to say thank you for being a client and part of your business family.

Gourmet Chocolate Cookies

Few can resist rich chocolate cookies made with gourmet chocolate. Grocery store cookies packaged in foil are no comparison to freshly made cookies dunked in a thick robe of chocolate. They delight the palate and demonstrate you have gone the extra mile in providing a gift that resonates with everyone. Gourmet cookies can be chocolate chip, chocolate-covered, or chocolate brownie cookies to make a grand statement.

Thinking beyond the obvious

While chocolate corporate gifts can be predictable, infusing an extra layer of thought into your gift will be very meaningful. When sending chocolates, consider sending sugar-free pieces for those clients whose office culture promotes a healthier lifestyle. Another approach is to use packaging made of recycled materials or green products to reinforce your commitment to social and environmental initiatives. Understanding your clients is a top priority, and pinpointing effective ways to communicate your appreciation will go a very long way.

Using insight in selecting items that are compatible with the culture of your client’s organization, or your own brand, shows your perceptiveness and attention to detail, further solidifying the reason why they chose your firm. Good any time of the year, this selection of gifts will win every time. For a broader selection of chocolates and additional gift ideas, visit Asher’s Chocolates.