Top Five Gifts For Graduates

Preschool graduate surrounded by proud family

Graduation Day

Graduation Day is the culmination of lots of hard work (some more than others)!

Regardless of the time it took to reach graduation, your loved one has earned that diploma! It is a day for loved ones to celebrate the importance of education and moving on to the next step in life.

Family support goes a long way here. Sharing your sense of pride and accomplishment shows the graduate those values that your family deems important. No matter where the transition takes him, mental preparation will give him or her the longest-lasting value.

As your young relatives set out to take on the world, encourage them with inspirational quotes or a small gift instead of cash. For young people, motivation goes much further than cash!

Graduation Gifts

Let Mom and Dad buy him or her the luggage or the new briefcase. Here are a few gifts for graduates that are suitable for a high school graduate, college graduate, or even a preschool graduate!

Chocolate Gift Basket

Everyone loves chocolate. If you don’t live nearby and are worried about going too personal, an Asher’s Gift Tray filled to the brim with chocolate covered treats will be sure to get a big smile out of your graduate!

Asher's chocolate covered snack gift tray

Inspirational Book

Books make touching gifts. The message in Dr. Seuss’s “Oh, The Places You Will Go!” is motivational and suitable for any age. Inscribe a sweet message inside for them to remember your gift for years to come.

Dr. Seuss book

Engraved Gifts

A small gift of engraved jewelry or a unique token from Etsy will forever be a reminder of your support. Better yet, it is still a personal gift for a favorite grandson or granddaughter.

Personalized graduate gift block

Journaling Gifts

personalized journal makes a great gift for that introverted or free-spirited relative to record their next great adventure!

personalized adventure journal

No matter how old your graduate, give him or her your full support and praise on graduation day! This is one day they will always look back on with pride and fulfillment.

From the Asher’s Family, we wish you our “best wishes for a bright future!”

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