Top Valentine’s Day Gifts from Asher’s

heartblogWith Valentine’s Day just around the corner, now is the time to start thinking about what you’re going to get your significant other, or that special someone you’ve been secretly admiring, to show them just how special they are (that is, if you haven’t already put some thought into this already).

But you don’t just want to get your loved one any old gift. You want to give them something that they’ll truly cherish and something that you can be proud of. It’s not difficult to find such a gift at Asher’s Chocolates, but it goes without saying that some Valentine’s Day gifts are more of a hit than others. With that being said, check out Asher’s Top 4 Valentine’s Day gifts:

Top Valentine’s Day Gifts from Asher’s

1. “Be My Valentine” Gift Basket:

Just think of this popular Valentine’s Day item as a smorgasbord of delicious treats. Specifically, it includes Asher’s peanut butter hearts, dark chocolate graham crackers, chocolate-covered mini pretzels and almond butter crunch. Each inclusion is presented with a fittingly pink bow and nicely arranged in a gift basket. When looking for a gift, you can’t go wrong with the “Be My Valentine” gift basket. Just be sure that you don’t eat everything before you can give it to your special someone.

2. Valentine’s Hearts Basket:

If your valentine is a chocolate lover, the Valentine’s Hearts Basket could be the perfect treat for them. It’s filled with nothing by chocolate goodness. Included are milk chocolate covered mini pretzels, nonpareils, an individually chocolate wrapped graham cracker and an individually wrapped chocolate crème cookie. Also included are dark chocolate nonpareils. Everything is presented in a red heart basket, wrapped with a red bow. It’s lots of chocolate at an unbeatable price.

3. Red Polka Dot Gift Box:

Milk and Dark Caramels with Sea Salt: If your valentine has a sweet tooth for sea salt caramels, whether it’s milk or dark chocolate, the Red Polka Dot Gift Box could be just what the doctor ordered. Fitting to the name, we package the caramels in a Valentine’s Day-themed polka dot box. The Red Polka Dot Gift Box makes for a great throw-in to a larger Valentine’s Day surprise or as a standalone gift for the candy lover on your list.

4. Mini Valentine’s Pretzels in Milk Chocolate:

Does your valentine like chocolate? What about pretzels? If “yes” to both, then Asher’s Mini Valentine’s Pretzels make for the perfect delicacy. Available in a 6-ounce bag, these treats are both sweet and salty, making for an unbeatable combination whether you’re eyeing this Asher’s item for an add-on to an existing gift or just looking to give something unexpected and special to someone, whether it’s your valentine or a potential valentine. (On a related note, similar popular Valentine’s Day gifts from Asher’s are milk chocolate nonpareils, which come in a 4-ounce heart-shaped box.)

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and with the hectic hustle and bustle of your every day life, it can be easy for this day to sneak up on you and leave you scrambling at the last minute to find something appropriate and heartfelt for your special valentine. But one thing about Valentine’s Day gifts is 100 percent true – you can never go wrong with chocolate. For more information on Asher’s Valentine’s Day gifts and to place your gift order, visit our website!