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Storing Chocolate in Summer’s Heat

kid with melted chocolate on hands and faceYou’ve loved chocolate your entire life but there is a pretty good chance that you have been storing it incorrectly, especially in the hot summer months. You wouldn’t want it to melt, especially before you get it in your mouth!

Be it gourmet chocolate, like Asher’s, or more mainstream brands, chocolate always has the same basic properties. These properties are what make it very sensitive to heat and humidity. Below are some of the most important facts about storing chocolate so you can always have the freshest flavor that you have paid for. Continue reading Storing Chocolate in Summer’s Heat

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Pairing Beer and Chocolate: The Ultimate Indulgence!

beer and chocolate tastingChocolate and beer aren’t traditional pairing partners, but America’s beer selection has come a long way over the few decades. The two work surprisingly well! And, what could be more luxurious than pairing your favorite weekend beverage with the satisfaction of creamy chocolate? With the broad variety of craft-brewed beers available today, there are dozens of beer varieties. In fact, beers now tend to have just as much depth and character as wine. This leaves chocolate connoisseurs with plenty of potential flavor matches just waiting to be made. Continue reading Pairing Beer and Chocolate: The Ultimate Indulgence!

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Top Five Gifts For Graduates

Preschool graduate surrounded by proud family

Graduation Day

Graduation Day is the culmination of lots of hard work (some more than others)!

Regardless of the time it took to reach graduation, your loved one has earned that diploma! It is a day for loved ones to celebrate the importance of education and moving on to the next step in life.

Family support goes a long way here. Sharing your sense of pride and accomplishment shows the graduate those values that your family deems important. No matter where the transition takes him, mental preparation will give him or her the longest-lasting value.

As your young relatives set out to take on the world, encourage them with inspirational quotes or a small gift instead of cash. For young people, motivation goes much further than cash!

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