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Dark Chocolate Covered Graham Cracker Coffee Bag

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Crisp graham crackers are dipped generously in a pool of rich, dark chocolate for a decadent snack. Asher’s Dark Chocolate Covered Graham Crackers come in a specially branded 7.15 oz. coffee bag that serves a perfect hostess gift. These covered graham crackers are not to be missed! These are the perfect treat for any child, young or old.


Ready to taste a treat that’s crunchy, sweet and chocolaty? Crisp graham crackers get dipped in a double layer of creamy dark chocolate to create a mixture that will melt in your mouth each time. Just one treat from our Dark Chocolate Covered Graham Cracker Coffee Bag will leave you wanting more.

Our dark chocolate covered graham crackers enhance your delicious after dinner dessert or they add a pick me up to a boring day. A simple golden graham shines when smothered in our creamy and rich dark chocolate. With just one bite, you will feel a sugar rush of fun. Planning on hosting a bonfire for a festive fall or summer fun event? We all know a bonfire isn’t complete without the addition of s’mores! Try replacing a regular graham with one of our scrumptious dark chocolate covered grahams. Our Asher’s chocolate will melt perfectly over the graham. And, adding a toasted marshmallow will really make an irresistible treat.

The Dark Chocolate Covered Graham Cracker Coffee Bag exists as the best way to bring our treats along to all your adventures. Our signature coffee bag design keeps your grahams fresh while guaranteeing each cracker stays whole inside the bag. No broken cookies here! Delivered straight to your home in an Asher’s branded 7.15 oz. coffee bag.

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Dimensions 9 × 4.25 × 2.5 in

Dark Chocolate


7.15 oz. Coffee bag

2 reviews for Dark Chocolate Covered Graham Cracker Coffee Bag

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  2. powellcharles12345 (verified owner)

    I live in ga and occasionally visit Atlantic City borgata resort. I was in a gift shop located there, “ had a sweet tooth”. I picked up a bag of ashers milk chocolate covered Graham crackers, the cashier suggested i try the dark chocolate as it was her favorite. So i got a bag, sitting in my room watching tv , i tried one. Before i knew it i had eaten the whole bag! They were like little slices of heaven! The next day i bought 2 more bags to last for my 4 day stay. Then 6 bags to bring back home to ga! After running out and suffering from withdrawals, I realized i could order them on line, these are truly the best chocolates ive ever eaten! I placed an online order then noticed their huge selection of treats. I have several friends and relatives who are diabetic, so ill be placing another order closer to Christmas for sugar free treats for them!.. plus another order for me to restock my pantry. If you love fine chocolate milk or dark, you will not find a finer quality product on the market! I guarantee if you try the dark chocolate covered Graham crackers, you will be hooked!!! Thank you ashers, all your employees, and candy makers, for taking pride in your products, not taking shortcuts, and makin the best dam chocolate money can buy! Youll be seeing a lot more orders coming from ga as i share with family and friends.. keep up the good work!

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