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Milk Chocolate S’mores


We’ve taken the camp-out classic of oozy marshmallows and caramel-flavored grahams and put the chocolate bar on the outside.


Ready to taste a treat that’s crunchy, sweet and chocolaty? Our jumbo Milk Chocolate S’mores are handmade by expert chocolate makers for a goodie that’s extra special and tasty. Crisp graham crackers get dipped in a double layer of creamy milk chocolate. Thus, we have created a goodie that will melt in your mouth each time. Plus, as a nod to the time-honored s’more, we’ve made sure to include a fluffy marshmallow wrapped inside the creamy chocolate shell.

Our giant s’mores piece enhances your delicious after dinner dessert or will add a pick me up to a day you wish could be spent around the campfire. A simple golden graham shines when smothered in our creamy and rich milk chocolate. We’ve added a cloud of vanilla marshmallow atop of the cookie to create a ready to eat treat even if aren’t camping. With just one bite, you will feel a sugar rush of fun.

Asher’s Milk Chocolate S’mores exist as the best way to bring our treats along to all your adventures. No bonfire necessary as we’ve taken all the prep-work out of having to make a s’more from scratch. Because we guarantee freshness, send these treats to camp friends for instant smiles.

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Weight 0.187 lbs
Dimensions 4.5 × 3 × 1 in

Marshmallow, Milk Chocolate


Single 2.75 oz. piece


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