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Asher’s Goes Green for the Environment!

Asher's Chocolates Goes Green


Asher’s goes green! Recently, Asher’s decided to join the Philadelphia Eagles, Lehigh University, and others in being proactive about the environment. We did this by addressing the unfortunate amount of waste created specifically by our warehouse. By implementing the following solution, Asher’s Chocolates is taking a proactive stance to become an environmentally conscious business. We joined Sustainable Waste Solutions (SWS), the leading provider of environmentally friendly commercial and industrial waste handling solutions, to turn Asher’s waste into renewable energy. Continue reading Asher’s Goes Green for the Environment!

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Asher’s Delivery Fleet Refreshed with New Truck Wraps

It’s official: the Asher’s Chocolate Co. delivery trucks have an all new look with new truck wraps, and they are now on the road making the rounds! Our newly refreshed delivery fleet have been re-wrapped with bright, fresh artwork to make every mouth water. You can now spot them on the road making deliveries in the greater Philadelphia area.

Up until recently, our delivery trucks were simple and plain, with minimal identification on them. Old logos and worn graphics outdated the few trucks that had artwork. We knew it was time the trucks got a bit of a refreshment, so we had fun with it!

Different designs adorn each truck, displaying Asher’s diverse product portfolio. The truck wraps, showcasing Asher’s Snack Boxes, Coffee Bags, Individually-Wrapped Pieces, and of course our famous Gourmet Pretzels, are not only beautiful and eye-catching, but also make for a wonderful display of product and packaging alike.

These new trucks wraps are unlike anything we have done before, and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome!

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Chocolate Bunnies—An Easter Favorite!

Asher’s fans truly are the best!

We received the most endearing letter last month from an Asher’s customer about our chocolate bunnies. Beth Ziegler wrote in to thank us for the giant chocolate bunny her sons won in our contest last Easter.


a boy and his giant chocolate bunny


Beth tells the story best:

“I wanted to send my sincere gratitude for the 25-pound Milk Chocolate Bunny that was won by my brother, Bill H., last Easter.

I actually remember seeing it on display and thought, ‘Wow, that bunny is HUGE. I wonder who is going to win that.” I never dreamed it would soon be coming home with me!“

  Continue reading Chocolate Bunnies—An Easter Favorite!

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Asher’s Judges 74 Chocolate Cakes to Pick Pennsylvania’s Best

chocolate cakes


Asher’s sales representative Bob English is a lucky man. In early January, Pennsylvania’s Farm Show approached him to be a judge in Pennsylvania’s 98th Annual Chocolate Cake Baking Contest. Considered the “Rose Bowl of cake-baking”, the contest takes place annually at Pennsylvania’s Farm Show in Harrisburg. The Farm Show only invites the 74 baking contestants after they achieve a first-place win at one of Pennsylvania’s participating county fairs.

The competition is always fierce in this event. As a result, the announcement that a young man won first place and the $500 prize shocked the other contestants.

Continue reading Asher’s Judges 74 Chocolate Cakes to Pick Pennsylvania’s Best

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Asher’s Top 10 Chocolate Covered Treats of 2013

As we look back on 2013 and all the great memories we created, it’s hard not to think about all the delicious candy that we made at Asher’s this year. This year we made well over 8.5 million pounds of chocolate, all while staying true to the same recipes we’ve been using for over 100 years! That must mean our recipes stand the test of time! Take a look at what our top ten chocolate covered treats were for 2013 and why our customers enjoy them so much. Continue reading Asher’s Top 10 Chocolate Covered Treats of 2013

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Christmas Chocolate from Asher’s Chocolate Co.

Merry Christmas from Asher's Chocolate Co.

‘Tis the season, and Merry Christmas from all of us at Asher’s Chocolate Co.!

We are wishing you all the best this holiday season. Gather with your loved ones, share a piece of Christmas chocolate, and be merry. At Asher’s, we have everything you need to entertain and enjoy the holidays. From Seasonally decorated 3-ring Gourmet Pretzels, to green and red seeded Nonpareils, you can be sure that everyone will be in the spirit.

Watch on YouTube.

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From Delivery Driver to Assistant Distribution Manager: One Employee’s Story

Here at Asher’s, we love for you to meet the staff! Brian Derstine started working at Asher’s Chocolates Co. in April 1995. Asher’s hired as a delivery driver and then promoted to assistant distribution manager after 6 months. As assistant distribution manager, Brian, helps direct and schedule shipment activities to consumers, helps coordinate shipments of outbound product, maintains a safe working environment for employees and most importantly, he makes sure your chocolate arrives to you in perfect condition. Continue reading From Delivery Driver to Assistant Distribution Manager: One Employee’s Story

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Think You’re Asher’s Biggest Fan? Hit us With Your Best Shot!

Prove you’re Asher’s biggest fan and participate in our Chocolate Lover’s contest. Take your best selfie or send in a picture of your children with their favorite Asher’s chocolate treats and you’ll be entered to win a Chocolate Lover Gift Tray (don’t worry – it comes in both dark and milk chocolate). Please see below for complete contest rules and information on how to submit your photos. Continue reading Think You’re Asher’s Biggest Fan? Hit us With Your Best Shot!

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31 Years and I’m Still Here!

At Asher’s, we are one big family and we want you to meet the staff! Mary Ellen Ruskowski (AKA Mel) has been working at Asher’s since August 1982, that’s just over 31 years! Mel started at Asher’s when she was 17, as a candy packer. Just a short five years later she was the lead lady in production. When she first started she was very intimidated and had to learn things quickly in order to keep up, and now you can definitely say that 31 years later, Mel knows (almost) all there is to know about Asher’s and chocolate! Continue reading 31 Years and I’m Still Here!