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3 Classic Easter Treats for Every Basket

Spring is a time for new beginnings and fresh starts. However, when it comes to Easter, sometimes we just want to stick with tradition. Those old family recipes passed down from generation to generation make us feel warm and fuzzy inside, and that is no different when it comes to the sweet treats we put in our Easter baskets. Check out these three classic Easter chocolates that have proven year after year to put a spring in your step!

Traditional Window Boxed Eggs


Hand-rolled and decorated with a sugar flower, Traditional Window Boxed Eggs have been a beloved Easter classic for decades. Delicious filled centers are rolled into an egg shape. Then they are doused in milk or dark chocolate and topped with a sugar flower before being boxed up. Flavors range from Coconut Cream to Fruit & Nut, from Peanut Butter to Vanilla Butter Cream, and are even available in 4oz., 8oz., and an amazing 16oz. sizes!

Old-Fashioned Handmade Eggs

Nothing says “yum” like handmade chocolate covered Easter eggs! Either coconut cream or peanut butter is hand rolled into bite-sized pieces, and then they are coated with the most delectable chocolate. Available in Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, and even White Confectionary, our 24-ct. handmade classic egg boxes are the perfect addition to any Easter gathering.


Solid Chocolate Bunnies

When you think of Easter, you think of chocolate bunnies. It’s as simple as that! There is no Easter treat more recognizable than a chocolate bunny made from solid milk chocolate or white confectionary. You can even get them in a sugar-free option! Ranging from bite-sized bunnies to large shareable rabbits, Asher’s has chocolate Easter bunnies in every size you could need.


It’s time of year that we all look forward to filling our Easter baskets full of classic goodies. You can rely on Asher’s Chocolate Co. to have all the timeless chocolates from your childhood. Be sure to grab your springtime favorites before they’re gone by calling Asher’s at 855-8-ASHERS or visiting us online at!

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Asher’s Top 10 Chocolate Covered Treats of 2013

As we look back on 2013 and all the great memories we created, it’s hard not to think about all the delicious candy that we made at Asher’s this year. This year we made well over 8.5 million pounds of chocolate, all while staying true to the same recipes we’ve been using for over 100 years! That must mean our recipes stand the test of time! Take a look at what our top ten chocolate covered treats were for 2013 and why our customers enjoy them so much. Continue reading Asher’s Top 10 Chocolate Covered Treats of 2013

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What is White Chocolate?

White chocolate is so distinct from dark and milk chocolate that you might wonder whether or not it is even a type of real chocolate. This confection typically appears as an off-white color rather than the deep brown color characteristic of pure chocolate. This is namely because white chocolate contains no actual cocoa powder! So, what exactly is it and can it really be considered chocolate? Continue reading What is White Chocolate?

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Differences Between Chocolate: Dark, Milk and White

Dark, milk, and white chocolates are delicious as plain bars or fancier confections. Each of these types can be an ideal gift for others or a decadent treat for yourself. Most sellers offer an assortment of dark, milk, and white, but they each have their own individual taste.

All three types contain cocoa, although in different forms and amounts. Cocoa comes from beans from the cocoa tree, Theobroma cocoa. Chocolatiers ferment, roast, and grind cocoa beans to make chocolate liquor and cocoa powder, and then add sugar, butter and vanilla to make dark or milk.

Assorted 14.4oz. Pretzel box with milk, dark, and white chocolate covered pretzels.

Continue reading Differences Between Chocolate: Dark, Milk and White

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Sweet & Salty Snacks: DIY Trail Mix and Treats

What is it about the mixture of sweet and salty that everyone loves so much? Since taste is one of your five major senses, this combination sets off the taste receptors in your frontal cortex. This lets your taste buds have it both ways, leaving you craving it more and more. Here are some healthy but delicious ways of combining your favorite flavors. Continue reading Sweet & Salty Snacks: DIY Trail Mix and Treats

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An Introduction to Pairing Chocolate and Wine

Chocolate can sometimes be a bit heavy for wine, but there are always ways to incorporate both things you love. Why not have a chocolate and wine tasting night? Try every combination of red or white wine with dark chocolate, white chocolate and milk chocolate. Continue reading An Introduction to Pairing Chocolate and Wine

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Asher’s Thanksgiving Chocolate Gift Guide

Fall is officially here and Thanksgiving is just around the corner. This means finding the perfect turkey, enjoying time with friends and family, and having a lot of fun. Thanksgiving is an old tradition, celebrated across the country and the world for giving thanks for the people and blessings we have in our life. Continue reading Asher’s Thanksgiving Chocolate Gift Guide