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Dark Chocolate Mint Pattie


Thick layers of dark chocolate brace against the airy chill of peppermint in our handmade patties. One pattie comes individually wrapped in a convenient package.


A Dark Chocolate Mint Pattie from Asher’s Chocolate Co. boast pepperminty flavors to dazzle your taste buds. Each pattie gets hand-crafted in our factory using our famous dark chocolate recipe. We passed this recipe down for over 120 year and 5 generations. So, you can be sure that upon first bite into this minty masterpiece, you will taste an amazing confection.

The peppermint center adds an airy, chilly sensation to dazzle your taste buds. This piece fits perfect with the winter season. Doesn’t that creamy white center just remind you of freshly fallen snow? But, it doesn’t have to be a winter wonderland to enjoy this piece. Asher’s Dark Chocolate Mint Pattie tastes delicious all year long. No matter the weather, you will love this goodie. Furthermore, you’ll taste refreshing peppermint flavors against smooth and rich dark chocolate.

You aren’t only getting a piece that tastes amazing, it also looks amazing. How stunning does this giant medallion look in its own individual wrapper? At Asher’s we never skimp on quality. Because, we use on the realest and freshest ingredients, making this jumbo piece taste and look exceptional. Asher’s confection makers take amazing pride in hand-crafting these pieces using a process that we passed down for hundreds of years. Time hasn’t changed our Asher’s commitment of making the gold standard of chocolate confections.

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Weight 0.125 lbs
Dimensions 3.5 × 4.25 × .75 in

Dark Chocolate, Peppermint


Single 2 oz. piece


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