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Milk Nonpareils, 4 oz. bag


Milk chocolate comes alive with crunchy nonpareils for a sweet treat.


These creamy milk chocolate candies make a great gift for a friend or loved one. Our Milk Chocolate Nonpareils are covered in rainbow sprinkles to give it an extra kick. These candies come in a small 4 oz. clear bag and are a great present alone or along with some of our other items. Both young and old will love these milk chocolate nonpareils.

The Milk Chocolate Nonpareils 4oz bag from Asher’s represents a back-to-classics treat, but with a sweeter finish. Milk chocolate coins made from Asher’s special recipe taste delicious in their own right. But, they spring to life with the additions of crunchy nonpareil seeds. Colorful beads coat the bottom of this piece to turn this into an extra special treat.

The addition of nonpareils to any celebration instantaneously provides a pop of sweetness to the party! Adults and children alike will enjoy the beautiful rainbow sprinkles that decorate the bottom of the candies. Not only do these candies look amazing, they also taste amazingly scrumptious! Our milk chocolate tastes smooth and creamy while the nonpareil seeds provide a crunch that’s to die for.

How about sharing some with a friend? You can take our 4oz. bags anywhere on the go and guarantee these treats will stay safely inside. But, of course, watch out for sticky fingers craving to steal a taste of your sweet treat!

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